Buried Treasure, 1939, by Mabel Dwight (American, 1876–1955), lithograph on paper, 16 x 11 ½ inches, Gibbes Museum of Art, gift of the WPA, 1943.006.0072. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Mabel Dwight spent her childhood in New Orleans and San Francisco. In San Francisco, she received her formal art training at the Hopkins School of Fine Art. In 1927 Dwight traveled to Paris where she discovered lithography. Though trained as a painter, she focused on printmaking for the remainder of her career. Dwight is best known for softly-rendered lithographs that capture the comedy and tragedy of the human condition. She worked for the Federal Art Project of the WPA from 1935 to 1939 and created numerous prints, such as Buried Treasure, that reflect her concern for social issues during the Great Depression.
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