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Designing Thinking with Thinglink

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Thinglink KW - add a post to the Padlet wall for each jar by double tapping on a section of the wall. padlet.com Thinglink KW
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Complete the following thought stems: - "I used to think Thinglink..." - "Now I think Thinglink..." todaysmeet.com Thinglink - TodaysMeet
Compose a 2/2/2 letter to yourself to be emailed on January 2nd, 2014: - 2 ways I can use Thinglink in the next 2 weeks - 2 ways I can use Thinglink in the next 2 months - 2 ways students can use Thinglink next school year in my class www.futureme.org
Thinglink created by Lisa Johnson using an image designed in Canva web app. www.techchef4u.com
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Follow TechChef4u on Twitter www.twitter.com Los últimos tweets de Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4u). TechChef4u CEO, Speaker, Apple Watch Evangelist, ADE 2013, Eanes ISD 1:1 iPad K-12, Social Geek, Mom, Chic Geek iJewelry: http://t.co/1k6MffjTIn. Austin, Texas
"Date the Tool and Marry the Ability." rafranzdavis.com Yesterday, I was fortunate to sit down with the amazing Dennis Grice and the equally spectacular Jacob Standish as we discussed professional development and differentiation. I've been in a bit of a...
Use Thinglink to share Homework and Support Resources with parents. www.thinglink.com
Provide multiple tasks and resources for a research project. www.thinglink.com
A resume attached to a portfolio of work. www.thinglink.com
Water Cycle Learning Station provides resources, questions, and activities. www.thinglink.com
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Thinglink to guide historical research of events. www.thinglink.com
Thinglink combines Canva image, videos (Tellagami app), and audio (Croak.it) for a book report. www.techchef4u.com
"Designing Thinking with Thinglink" presented at iPad Summit Boston: This little app is a powerhouse for app synergy, differentiated instruction, student learning, and ePortfolios. From handwritten mind maps and notes on a chalkboard to photos, maps, and infographics, see how a mere image can be digitally transformed into a thoughtful learning tool or artifact. This session will showcase how Thinglink can be used PreK-20+ and stretched across the curriculum to design and scaffold instruction, foster inquiry and exploration, and guide formative assessment and enrichment. ettipad.org
Image Creation, Nubbins, and Linking Media www.smore.com
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An image attached to a resume and a portfolio of work. www.thinglink.com
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Adventures of Ulysses Timeline combines timeline and SoundCloud explanations. www.thinglink.com
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Library Orientation uses Collage and Video. www.thinglink.com
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Lincoln Info even includes a Fakebook feed. www.thinglink.com
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Compose a "Because I Said I Would" on the back of the "Designing Thinking with Thinglink" card you received and swap cards with a co-worker. You will get the card back when you complete the promise. (Based on http://becauseisaidiwould.com) www.canva.com Because I said I would "Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others: it is the only means." Alex Sheen Because I said I would "Setting an example is not the main means of influen...
Thinglink Fan Girl. www.thinglink.com
Pick up iJewelry for your favorite chic geek. www.techchef4u.com » Products |
More Ideas for Making Thinking Visible from Tracy Clark and Greg Garner www.smore.com Activity: What do you want your students to be like? Login to our backchannel at https://todaysmeet.com/softskills2 Type your name and...