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Report Issues This homemade activity is bound to experience some issues. Please report problems or abuse here.
Welcome to Avatar Adventures, an overview An overview of an interactive learning experience designed to provide students and teachers with an opportunity to focus on digital citizenship while engagin...
Teachers: Get an ISTE NETS aligned lesson plan susanoxnevad - Avatars %26 Internet Safety Lesson Plan
Explore this MentorMob playlist, then create your own avatar After you create your avatar you may need to take a snapshot of it. Follow the directions for Mac or PC below.
Get the poster in 6 languagues from Edmodo
Explore and discuss this poster, from Edmodo
Explore and discuss this poster, from Edmodo
Video: Attention young professionals! What's in your digital baggage? AVG's latest study Digital Diaries study called Digital Baggage reveals that many 18 to 25-year-olds don't audit their digital footprint or manage their soci...
Video: Understanding the Impact of Digital Footprints, by Common Sense Media Students learn about digital footprints and meet ELA Common Core State Standards by analyzing online profiles to make inferences about how different audience...
Explore resources on Kidsmart.ort/uk KidSMART - find out how to have a SMART attitude to your digital footprints
Video: Pause and Think Online, by Common Sense Media Common Sense Media introduces "Pause & Think Online" and original song and video highlighting ways that students can use their hearts and minds to stay safe ...
Get posters to accompany Pause and Think Online, by Common Sense Media
Zip through a playlist of choices of ways to contribute Build a word cloud of visitor locations and see them live on the Revolver Map.
Explore Blogging with Students Blogging With Students
Explore Kidblog | Safe and simple blogs for your students.
Participate in the Student Blogging Challenge, by Sue Waters, Ronnie Burt and tasteach By Sue Waters | Connecting students with a global audience through blogging. Check out our journey by reading our posts and tasks from the Sept 2013 Challenge
Join one of the EduBlogs Teacher Challenges
Please contribute to a collaborative board Ask a question, answer a question, just remember to protect your identity.
Explore this MentorMob playlist to learn more about Padlet About Padlet
Explore this MentorMob playlist to learn more about VoiceThread VoiceThread is a collaborative tool for having online conversations about media.
Try it! Use VoiceThread to introduce your digital self susanoxnevad - Avatars VoiceThread Personal vs Private
Teacher Tip: Voicethread comments work very well in a classroom setting with an iPad or iPod. Get the free app and take advantage of one click recording. VoiceThread and iPods / iPads
Try it: Contribute to this AnswerGarden susanoxnevad - Answer Garden Locations
Learnn more about AnswerGarden AnswerGarden is a new minimalistic feedback tool. Use it as a tool for online brainstorming or embed it on your website or blog as a poll or guestbook.
Explore this MentorMob playlist to learn more about copyright An interactive overview of Copyright
Discover Your Digital Self
Use Google Docs to create a portfolio of digital activities susanoxnevad - My Digital Self
Have an online conversation about media Cool Toolsfor 21st Century Learners - VoiceThread Vacation
Use Wikispaces to hold an online discussion. This example is from The Road to Revolution. revolutionarywarperspectives - Leaving Home
Padlet in the Classroom: Explore and share ideas An online multimedia bulletin board
Read the article on Using educationally appropriate online tools with students opens up a world of possibilities for engaging them in leaning experiences that incorporate the 4 C's; communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
Test Your Knowledge: Play Cyberbee

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