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Wonders of Weird www.wondersofweird.com For the past decade, I've done active and passive research on Sasquatch, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  Some of the evidence wound up in my books, TALES OF THE CRYPTIDS and IN SEARCH OF...
Bigfoot in Texas www.bigfootproject.org Bigfoot Information Project
Sounds, Foulk, AR youtu.be How to collect sasquatch evidence with an audio recorder. Includes potential sasquatch vocalizations in Miller County, Arkansas. To listen to more Sasquatch ...
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NPR & Jane Goodall www.npr.org Anthropologist, author and scientist Jeff Meldrum talks about the evidence for (and against) the existence of Bigfoot. Are there animals hiding in the woods that we know nothing about? Meldrum's new book is Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science.