Can you figure out how many houses on are Jim's street? This is a fun draw-a-picture problem!
Level C Logic - Sailing Alone!
Ken - Ken #18 & #19
Ken-Ken 154 & 155
A two-problem practice page that will give you lots of help showing a problem-solving strategy!
Logic - Level C - Cow Trivia!
If you have never worked a grid logic problem before, you will want to start with this entirely nerdy little video that shows you how-to! Be sure to have on headphones! 404 - Page Not Found
A little refresher video about the "rules" for working a Ken-Ken! (Be sure to have your headphones on for this one!)
A Tongue Twister Riddle! (Great practice for reading clocks!)
What's brown, quacks, and full of words? (Find out with this clock-reading practice sheet!)
What is big as an elephant and weighs nothing? Find out as you practice counting coins!
A Tongue Twister Riddle (Counting Money!)
Some Everyday Math practice telling time!
Some Everday Math practice counting and comparing coins.
Some Everyday Math practice with money!
More practice with clocks from Everyday Math!