Practice recognizing numbers 1-12 and match dots on a domino to the number. Practice number recognition by parking the dominoes in the correct number that matches the dots on the domino.   Click HERE to DOWNLOAD ...
Practice Beginning Sounds of a word:<br /> Magazine Collage Sort Activity Find as many pictures as you can in magazines that have the beginning sounds Mm and Dd. Cut them out and glue them under the corresponding...
Practice counting to 40 (Goal is to count to 50 by Nov.) This is a song for young children (or students just learning English) to help them practice counting to 100.
Discuss the 7 Habits we have learned shown in this picture. Do you know what each habit means? visit the leader in me website. The 7 Habits are leadership qualities all students can learn. Developing these leadership skills will prepare students for the future.
Online magnetic letters: practice/review writing popcorn words (no new popcorn words this week): I, can, we, the, like, a Play with magnets! Practice ABC's and 123's
Practice Spelling Sight Words Challenge: For students that know all their letters and letter sounds. Spelling Practice with Dolch Sight Words
Practice counting to AT LEAST 40: Connect the dots to 40 Online game. Connect the Dots is a fun way for children to practice counting. There are ten levels with over thirty different puzzles!