#BLC13 - NoTosh Design Thinking Workshop
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All too often we focus on content and outcome - the design thinking process is something that can be applied in many different sectors. But we need to trust that the process will work. We need to trust that it will allow every voice to be heard and considered.
It is easy to think in a simple, linear fashion - easy for us too to be able to communicate it to people! But in reality the process is much messier - there is lots of backtracking and returning to previous parts of the process. When we are creating a solution there is a rapid cycle of ideas and testing to make it better.
Some good examples of designing with empathy and a deeper understanding of our audience from Sami Nerenberg at TEDxIndianapolis. www.youtube.com Currently the Director of Operations for Design for America (DFA) and a lecturer at the Segal Design Institute at Northwestern University, Sami Nerenberg, a ...
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Some further information from the d.school about this simple but powerful tool for understanding your audience - thinking through those 4 areas helps us get closer to true insights. dschool.stanford.edu
This creative process is something that we work with schools to develop as a process for inquiry. It does not simply have to be a process for school change but something that helps students explore an authentic curriculum. Click the link to find out more. notosh.com Design Thinking | NoTosh
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This is a set of sketch notes drawn by Brad Ovenall-Carter during our NoTosh workshop on "Design Thinking as a Creative Process for School Change" at #BLC13 26/7/13
My colleague Ewan McIntosh speaking about a Design Thinking approach to problems in school at TEDxLondon www.youtube.com Ewan McIntosh is CEO of NoTosh Limited, a startup that works with creative industries on the one hand, and then takes the processes, attitudes and research g...
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The session in full swing! In the Imperial Ballroom no less! fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net
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