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Syria: Common health problems in the midst of war

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Look inside one of our hospitals in the north of Syria to see how we are treating people who are dealing with health conditions other than war injuries, which in Syria are becoming just as deadly. vimeo.com
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Find out more about how we are treating people in the north of Syria. www.msf.org.uk Syria: Diabetes, shrapnel wounds and newborn twins – an MSF hospital
Hear from US surgeon Steve Rubin who is working to treat common health problems in one of MSF's hospitals in northern Syria. vimeo.com
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Dr Jamal has worked as a doctor in Syria for more than 35 years and is now working in one of MSF's hospitals in northern Syria. Here, he describes how the extraordinary circumstances of the war are leading to extraordinary medical conditions among people in Syria. vimeo.com
Read more about what US surgeon Steven Rubin has to say about working in Syria. www.msf.org.uk