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iPad Task Cards

Visit www.techchef4u.com Loading..

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29 PPTX task cards for iPad! www.cpsb.org
Thank you to Sandy Workentine for converting all of the PPTX's into Keynote for the Mac/iPad community! docs.google.com
Visit the TechChef4u blog for iResources, tools, and Chic Geek accessories. www.techchef4u.com
Multiple Pinterest boards available for iPad task cards and iLessons. www.pinterest.com
Most of the Task Cards are also posted here so you don't have to hunt them down on Technology Tailgate (scroll down to find them). www.pinterest.com
60+ iPad App Task Cards (in different formats). list.ly
Infographic created by Lisa Johnson of TechChef4u with Easel.ly. www.techchef4u.com
Take screenshots of various screens and menus in the desired app.
Sign in to Skitch app on the iPad using your Evernote login to annotate screenshots. itunes.apple.com
Rather than emailing screenshots, simply login to Evernote via the web or the app on your computer. From there, you will have a Skitch notebook of all of your annotations. Copy and paste those images into Word, Pages, Keynote, or PPT to create a task card for your students. itunes.apple.com
Visit Laura Moore's blog for all matter of ed tech resources ranging from Google Earth Field Trips to Web 2.0 tools and much more. mooreti.edublogs.org
Want to learn more about Thinglink check out these tutorials, resources, and EDU examples. list.ly
Got to meet the CMO of Thinglink at ISTE 2013. Check out Mariana's amazing reflection on our first year of 1:1 created with an infographic and Thinglink! www.thinglink.com