Reflections after first year
Students were very engaged
I became a learner!
Data collection
More targeted PD
Give PD on iPad for school staff.
Safe searching
School wide showing of imovies
Became a facilitator
Kids taught me
Learned ore about my students
Ipad management systems
Sound booths,headphones
Increased collaboration
Increased time on tasks
Students were more thoughtful & careful in their projects
Students edited their on work independently
Time to collaborate with others w/ipads
Synching is still a pain
Having kids use iPad Typer early on
Mini microphones at end of year
Giving students to learn app before project after mini lesson
One app at a time
Website for central location & sharing.
Develop routines early.
Student Blogging
Hearing the students explain their thinking!
Watching the students faces when they heard themselves
Kids sharing their work on Apple TV
Mad lips talking geometry
Fort reading of Dr Seuss for kinders
Provide app choice to students
Let students chose not to use iPad if they preferred paper.
Less paper!!!
Trailers for books description
Every class go 1:1
Special edtech cohort
More ipad projects
More interactive
Students preferred typing
Popplet as a GO chart
Made a website!
A whole new world opened up
have fun!
Get good covers
Get good covers Ipads in a SDC classroom Integrated Public School Program for children with Autism

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