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Casino Consultant Offers Casino Customer Service Tips

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Click here to learn more about casino customer service. casinocustomerservice.com
Casino consultant Martin R. Baird recommends that casinos stop using comment cards and take a serious look instead at real-time customer feedback. The world moves much too fast today to wait for feedback on comment cards. Watch this video. www.youtube.com
Casino consultant CasinoCustomerService.com has announced the debut of its casino customer service blog. See it here. casinocustomerservice.com
20-year casino consultant Martin R. Baird offers a service delivery gap analysis for casinos. What is the difference between the service you think your casino delivers and the service it actually provides? The gap analysis will tell you. Click and read. casinocustomerservice.com
Casino consultants CasinoCustomerService.com offer Train the Trainer -- an intense, five-day customer service training program that does so much more. It changes participants' lives professionally and personally. Read more here. casinocustomerservice.com Train the Trainer provides the tools to successfully share information and ideas with confidence. Learn how to deliver fun casino customer service training.
Casino consultant Martin R. Baird says reputation is more important than marketing. Click to learn more in this casino reputation infographic. 25.media.tumblr.com