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iVengers Elementary Division iJourney 1:1 Year ONE

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Our blogs communicate the iHappenings at our schools. Our blogs give them super powers to see through classroom walls into the classrooms that might just be next door, or down the street.
Help teachers and students focus on problem solving for themselves. Don't feel the need to swoop in and completely take over. ftelofgren.weebly.com 404 - Page Not Found
Teachers need inspiration but remember to meet them where they are and honor their content knowledge. vveedtech.weebly.com Summer time in Eanes ISD means a lot of Professional Development opportunities. Teachers can choose from a variety of activities taught by our own teachers who are experts on so many things. The ...
Creativity exists in us all. Help teachers and students think outside the box but don't be afraid to start with small steps. www.bobcatblog.com Inspired by an idea from Flapjack Education , students in Ms. Iles' room really kept learning in motion today. Using QR codes and jumbo plastic eggs, students moved about the classroom reviewing...
Offer training in all shapes and sizes. Try during the day, after school, online, 1:1, or start with students! eedsmith.weebly.com Today was the big day for Mrs. Wolff's four Scribble Press trainers that I met with last week as they took on the task of passing on their newly acquired knowledge of the Scribble Press app to their...
(Try to) Love your Technology Services Department! We can't have tech without them! www.bobcatblog.com Today, Dr. Wellman came to Bridge Point to award 5 members of the Bridge Point family with Eanespiration awards. One of those award winners was Jeraine Manor, an essential contributor to the success...
Feed the teachers! Always bring food because at least they'll come for the food! www.bobcatblog.com As with any new implementation, vital to its success is the ability to reflect, adapt and grow. BPE teachers were recently provided that opportunity. They responded to questions and ideas on their...
Have a contract and student learning expectations set up ahead of time. www.bobcatblog.com This morning BPE rolled out 127 iPads to our Fourth graders. The 4th grade teachers were awesome, the 4th graders were fantastic and we are very thankful to have Ms. Brown from VVE and Ms. Smith from...
Take lots of pictures and video. Help the teachers blog or keep note of projects they are trying in their classrooms.
Be patient with Apple, they still don't have this 1:1 iPad thing completely figured out yet! www.bobcatblog.com It takes a lot of teamwork to get 750+ iPads at our school up and running! The EISD Technology Services (TS) works to process iPads to roll out to students in our district. A team of Educational...
Don't be afraid to trash a lesson that just didn't work out!
Don't be afraid to trash a lesson that just didn't work out!
Learn from your mistakes, make some adjustments, and try again! And don't be afraid to restart a lesson once it's gone awry. eisdedtechs.weebly.com Link to MentorMob playlist Examples of final projects: 
Keep your lessons focused on student learning as opposed to tech for tech sake.
Stay strong and find some friends to help with trainings. eedsmith.weebly.com Each summer, the Instructional Partners in our district provide two days in which teachers share their best classroom practices with their peers. Today, teachers in grades 3-5 gathered together to...
Listen to your teachers and students and ask a lot of questions. www.dropbox.com Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!
Recharge your battery. Give yourself a break or try a Spa Day training! eedsmith.weebly.com Today, the EISD Elementary Ed Techs spent the day working with teachers on beefing up their websites using Weebly. This was the first full year of Weebly use on the elementary level in EISD and I...
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Margie Brown Valley View ES @mbrowneisd