Headlines - A Routine for Capturing Essence www.old-pz.gse.harvard.edu
Mrs. Bowers's 2nd Grade Class at Oakwood Elementary School, Brandon Schools MI. Capturing their understanding of visual representation of sound.
Headlines written by the musicians synthesizing their understanding of the iconically represented sound.
"All the instruments make a beat together"
"Musical instruments playing together"
"The music and sounds really fit together"
"The stop and go music"
"The music goes together and it's complete"
A collective headline we came up with after a classroom discussion. "It's a chart of the sounds"
"They sound different...together"
Second grade musicians explaining their thinking behind the Headlines routine. www.youtube.com Mrs. Bower's 2nd grade class at Oakwood Elementary in Brandon Schools, Michigan used a Headlines thinking routine to summarize and capture the big idea of a ...