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IC's Senior Splash 2013: An Interactive Feature

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Yuberky Reyes '13 describes wading into the fountains for the first time. www.youtube.com
Check out our album of Senior Week photos and tag yourself. www.facebook.com
This year's graduates came from 27 countries. www.thinglink.com
Learn more about Ithaca College and how it makes students ready for life. ithaca.edu
Mark Rudovic was the communications manager for IC's student Hedge Fund. He has accepted a position at Citigroup. www.youtube.com
Job Hall provides a great view of the fountain jump. www.thinglink.com
The Class of 2013 called itself "The '13iggest Thing to Hit IC" because it was the largest class in school history, graduating more than 1,600 strong.
Maeghan Willis was the Senior Class VP. She was also involved with the Gift Committee, Senior Week planning and IC After Dark. youtu.be
Our 2012 Senior Splash video. www.youtube.com
CREDITS: All 2013 videos edited by Benjamin Ratner '14. Photos by Jacob Beil '15 and Jherane Patmore '16. Additional coverage: Adam Baker, David Cameron, Charles McKenzie and Benjamin Ratner. Produced by Charles McKenzie.
FEATURE PRESENTATION: The 2013 Senior Splash mini-documentary/music video by Ben Ratner '14. youtu.be
The same scene with the seniors gone and the fountains on. www.flickr.com
Lindsey Johnson, a biology major, recently traveled to Costa Rica and Nicaragua to treat sick animals. In the fall, she'll head to Ohio State's vet school. www.youtube.com
A pie chart of 2013 graduates (includes grad and undergrad students) www.thinglink.com
From the archives, the 2011 Senior Splash mini-documentary. www.youtube.com
Biology major and softball catcher Lindsey Johnson (see her interview below). www.flickr.com
Vine of Nate McCoart '13 (Senior Week co-chair). vine.co
Every year, waves of Ithaca College seniors wade into the campus fountains to celebrate their pending graduation. The Fountain Jump is part of an afternoon of activities called "Senior Splash."