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Happy Birthday @MrHooker #Big Deal

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Tim Yenca says "Carl = #thebigdeal" twitter.com
Margie Brown says ""Happy Birthday, Carl! You're old enough to know better, but I hope you're still too young to care!!" www.twitter.com
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Happy Birthday from all of your iVengers (payroll and adopted). www.thinglink.com
Kristy Vincent shares her version of a Shakespeare soliloquy... croak.it
For those of you would would like to send your "Appy Birthday" sentiment to @mrhooker and be included in the #bigdeal Thinklink... docs.google.com
Appy Birthday to you! www.youtube.com
Janet Couvillion shares Cockney Rhyming Slang... www.youtube.com
Janet Couvillion shares Cockney Rhyming Slang... www.youtube.com
Todd Nesloney shared "Every time time I hear the words "big deal" I think of Carl. Because not only does everyone else say that about him but I find it hilarious... That he also calls himself a big deal!" twitter.com
Paul R Wood shared: "I GOT IT! It is a big deal kinda day because it is the birthday of a big deal man! Happy Birthday Carl. Keep tossing those lounge chairs." www.twitter.com
Alison Anderson shared the universal sentiment: "Happy Birthday Mr. Hooker- the man EVERYONE wants to be their boss! :)" twitter.com
www.twitter.com Los últimos tweets de Lisa Johnson (@TechChef4u). TechChef4u CEO, Speaker, Apple Watch Evangelist, ADE 2013, Eanes ISD 1:1 iPad K-12, Social Geek, Mom, Chic Geek iJewelry: http://t.co/1k6MffjTIn. Austin, Texas
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Dean Shareski shares a heartfelt video message: https://www.box.com/s/snt808mhv3s9qurkrdnf app.box.com
Scott Floyd, "Happy Birthday to the biggest deal I know." www.twitter.com
Refranz Davis shared this Tellagami... Carl in 20 years tellagami.com
TXTechChick shares: "We've shared many laughs, tons of knowledge and lots of stories. Happy birthday to one of my favorites! So thankful for our paths crossing." www.twitter.com
"Happy birthday, Carl! I hope you have the most wonderful of celebrations with all your friends and family!" twitter.com
"Better late than never! Happy Birthday from the Flying Yencas!" twitter.com
"Happy Birthday to the best edtech DJ in all the land!" twitter.com