Hutchings said by using Google Docs, he can ensure students can access all course materials not only from their laptops but from their mobile devices and tablets, too. “I also use the tools in some of the course work, so I’ll occasionally have a group data collecting piece where I want all 12 students in the course to look at the same Google Doc and put stuff in different columns, so getting students familiar with using those tools and making sure they understand how the collaboration tools work, that makes it really helpful," he said. "It just gives the students an extra tool that they have available to them after they leave the course, if they hadn’t started using it already.”
Hutchings structures the course topics on his Moodle page in chronological order, placing current course materials and links to homework assignments at the top of the page. Because there are 26 course days in his ISC 111 class, at the beginning of the term, Hutchings sets up 26 topics on the page and adds visibility to each topic every time he introduces a it to the course.
Hutchings includes a summary of the semester's homework assignments at the bottom of the course page. "I actually have a box at the bottom that just has a collection of all of the homework assignments that are going to span multiple classes," he said. "And then once those get made down here, I also copy their links and repost them up [at the top], so students don’t have to scroll to find them.”