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Stephen Ray's rough draft of "Jump," critiqued on soundcloud. soundcloud.com Listen to Reading of "Jump" by Stephen Ray's SoundCloud #np on #SoundCloud
Stephen's video adaptation of his revised story, "Jump," using audio voiceover. youtu.be For EL232, a dramatic presentation of my short story "Jump"
Stephen's final: an in-class recitation of "Jump," with audience Q&A, recorded to soundcloud. soundcloud.com
Michael Ingram enhanced his reading of "Dark Stratocaster" with music, critiqued on soundcloud. soundcloud.com
Michael Ingram talks about his writing process and audio work on soundcloud for "Dark Stratocaster" soundcloud.com
Angie Lavelle used soundcloud to enhance her final multimodal project, "The Hermit." the-hermit-by-angie-lavelle.tumblr.com
Michael Ingram's story, "Dark Stratocaster" in traditional critique form and polished final draft. www.scribd.com This document features Michael Ingram's short story, "Dark Stratocaster" in two forms: a critiqued rough draft and a polished final draft. Part of an iTeach gallery presentation, Spring 2013: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/381587759984279554
Angie Lavelle is interviewed by Ashley Samek about her experiences using Soundcloud for fiction writing. soundcloud.com
Mike Arnzen's Faculty Bio Page www.setonhill.edu Seton Hill's faculty are award-winners and sought-after experts in their fields, but they are educators first.
Arnzen's end of year analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to learning creative writing via soundcloud and "the flipped workshop" technique. www.scribd.com
Overview of steps in the process of running a flipped writer's workshop. www.scribd.com Overview of steps taken to run a flipped workshop. Essentially, collaborative documents are shared via google docs and soundcloud in advance of the workshop. Part of an iTeach gallery presentation, Spring 2013: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/381587759984279554
Esther Spurlock & Sara Lago reflect on the soundcloud experience in the writing classroom. soundcloud.com Listen to Interview On Soundcloud With Sarah Lago by Esther Spurlock #np on #SoundCloud
Shelley Decker interviews Stephen Ray about the benefits of soundcloud. soundcloud.com How has soundcloud affected your learning? --Stephen Ray
Felicia Domasky interviews Mike Ingram about the benefits of soundcloud for writers. soundcloud.com Listen to Influence From Soundcloud Interview at Seton Hill University by Felicia Domasky #np on #SoundCloud
Jered Johnston interviews a classmate about our class use of soundcloud across the term. soundcloud.com Listen to EL 231 Interview On Benefits Of Soundcloud by JeredWJohnston88 #np on #SoundCloud
List of diverse soundcloud-based activities performed in Arnzen's creative writing classroom throughout 2012-13. www.scribd.com Outlines the diverse ways soundcloud was integrated into Mike Arnzen's fiction writing courses in 12-13. See also "the flipped workshop" at http://www.thinglink.com/scene/381587759984279554
Soundcloud capture of class activity on "sound imagery" incorporated into Panopto video. shu.hosted.panopto.com HTTP 403 : Forbidden
Students recited a passage from their journal that best displayed the element of "imagery" (an appeal to the senses) in fiction -- class was invited to openly comment. soundcloud.com
"What's a Story?" An early assignment: ask 3 people outside of class to define story using the soundcloud app. soundcloud.com
Formal readings ended the term in "Fiction Writing" -- here are their recorded recitations, with critical introductions and Q&A sessions following their readings. soundcloud.com
Workshop groups in "Horror Writing" engage in collaborative poetry writing using refrigerator poetry magnets and recite the crazy results. soundcloud.com Listen to Poems Created with Dr. Arnzen's Fridge Poetry Magnets by Angie Lavelle #np on #SoundCloud
Sample guidelines distributed to students for critiquing in the cloud. www.scribd.com
Browse all postings in the "Horror Writing" class soundcloud group from Spring 2013. soundcloud.com
Browse all postings in the Fiction Writing soundcloud group from Fall 2012 soundcloud.com
A guest author (Lawrence C. Connolly) visited with the class. The entire lecture was captured, so students could review for a reflection paper on the lessons learned from the experience. soundcloud.com Lawrence C. Connolly's guest presentation on "Stories and Media" to Michael Arnzen's class in Horror & Suspense Writing, April 11th, 2013. Topics include: The 21st Century Scop, Words & Music, Books
Syllabus for Fiction Writing Fall 2012 www.scribd.com Arnzen's course syllabus for "Fiction Writing: ((Honors)" Spring 2013. Part of an iTeach gallery presentation, Spring 2013: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/381587759984279554
Syllabus for Horror Writing, Spring 2013 www.scribd.com Arnzen's course syllabus for "Topics in Creative Writing: Horror & Suspense" Spring 2013 Shared as part of ICFA 2015 panel on "Teaching Horror". Also part of an iTeach gallery presentation on 'the flipped workshop', Spring 2013: http://www.thinglink.com/scene/381587759984279554
Overview of the Flipped Workshop concept. soundcloud.com A reflection on our creative writing course experiments with soundcloud, as part of my presentation on "The Flipped Workshop" at the iTeach 2013 conference at Seton Hill University, 4/20/13. For more