Balmer District
Balmer Reisdential (Apartments & Duplexes, x2 multiplier)
MetaSun Corporate Marketing Firm
Dawnbreak Courtyard Gardens
Balmer Mallplex (Commercial Spaces, x1 rent) Trolley Square, interior hallway with skylights
Balmer Subway Station
Balmer Avenue
Dawnbreak Road
Treestump Cafe (Local Restaurant)
Shaddar Luxury Hotel (Brothel)
Mecha Monsters (Robots & Toystore)
Riot Court (Frequent Site of Political Unrest)
Copperhead Private Security Firm (Edgerunners for Hire)
Balmer Watchdogs (Guardian Gang HQ - frequently gets into street fights with homeless/nomads/gangs)
Royce Apartments (Low-Income & Nomad Squatters, High Crime Area, Apartments x0.5 rent)
TransCiti Taxi Service
DataWinds Information Storage (Antique Net Server Backups)

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