Van Atta District
Van Atta Residential (Apartments, x2 multiplier)
Ellis Tower (Aparments, x1 rent)
Van Atta Athletic Center
East Street Parking Garage
East Street
BioGardens Facility
Pollock Alley (High Crime Area)
Cyberzone Internet Cafe & VR Arcade
Finn's Pawn Shop
Merill, Asukaga & Finch Financial Office
EBM Research Facility
Raven Microcyber Medical Clinic
Van Atta Avenue Park
Van Atta Avenue
GeneTek Bio-Containment Facility
Arasaka Security Facility
Cross Street Walking Tunnel (High Crime Area) Visit my site at email me at thanks.
Angel-Heart Luxury Apartments (Apartments & Condos, x4 rent. High-Security)
Tri-Optimum Corporate Park
Lazarus Corporate Secure Facility
Weyland AV Refueling Center & Landing Pad
Prudence Meatpacking Warehouse
Narcyz Diner (Popular Polish & Japanese Cuisine)

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