Asen Parl
Deckard Tower (Apartments x1 rent)
Pearl Court Park
Asen Perl Station (Monorail & Subway Access, Commercial Spaces x1 rent)
IEC Corporate Tower
Asen Perl Corporate Park (Commercial Space, x4 rent, High Security)
Corporate Field (Fire Escapes & Corporate Park)
Danton Auto Repair Garage
Asen Perl Body Bank & Morgue
Flop Artist Lane (Nomad Area)
Asia Pacific Trade Towers (Commercial Space x4 rent, Apartments & Condos x4 rent)
Pearl Gardens Corporate Tower (Commercial Spaces, x4 rent)
Asen Perl Residential (Apartments & Duplexes, x3 rent)
Asen Perl Residential (Apartments & Duplexes, x3 rent)
Asen Perl Residential (Houses, x3 rent)
NCPD City Checkpoint
Boeing Aerial Vehicle Hangar
Asen Perl Police Precinct
Abandoned Building
Chinese Cultural Center
Asen Perl School of Medicine
Asen Perl Historical Museum & Botanical Gardens
Asen Court Library & Botanical Gardens
Little Asia Gated Community (Apartments, Condos, Duplexes x5 rent)
South Paddock Warehouses
McAndrew's Bookstore
Camden Cryogenic Laboratories & Longterm Care Clinic
Kirama Inc. Laboratories
Doji Resort Spa
MicroTech Nanomanufacturing Lab

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