Gateway District
Gateway Plaza Mallplex (Commercial Spaces, x2 rent)
Gateway Subway Station
Gradient Design 3D Printing (Shut Down for Safety Violations)
Naval Intelligence Office (Abandoned Building)
Parking Garage (10eb per day)
Kendachi Corporate Offices
SyneRise Tower (Corporate Efficiency Housing, Apartments x0.5 rent)
The Lady Luck (Strip Club & Casino owned by Tease)
Orlando Urban Garden Project (Abandoned)
City Sanitation Building (Access to the Sewers & Undercity)
PetroChem Hazardous Waste Processing Center
Einstein Electronics (Store)
Newton Financial & Stock Broker
Forever-Lock Secure Storage Center (High Security Vaults, 1,000eb per month)
DataTel Corporate Office Building
Metro Forest Designs (Architectural Firm)
Grummen Aerodyne Manufacturing Plant
Gateway Residential Towers (Apartments & Condos, x3 rent)
Gateway Residential (Apartments & Duplexes, x2 rent)
All-Rx Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Arasaka High Energy Research Laboratories
Pacino's Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs
Gateway Aerial Taxi Cab Service
Hexen Incorporated (Corporate Offices)
Wutani Electronics Manufacturing Facility
City Electric Power Relay Station
PetroChem Chemical Storage Facility

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