Ellington District
Ellington Residential (Apartments, rent x1)
Ellington Commercial Strip Mall (Commercial Business, x1 multiplier)
Ellington Municipal Waste Depot (Access to Sewers & Undercity) fc00.deviantart.net
Tammy's Tap (Dive Bar) fc07.deviantart.net
The Night Walker Club (Strip Club) fc02.deviantart.net
31st Street Motel fc07.deviantart.net
Blues Alley (Shantytown) fc04.deviantart.net
Ellington Row (High Crime Area) fc09.deviantart.net
Arbier Repair Garage jonone.deviantart.com garage by jonone on DeviantArt
Chumley Warehouse (Nomad Squatters) fc05.deviantart.net
Cook Hotel & Travel Agency fc08.deviantart.net
Donaldson Accounting fc09.deviantart.net
Ryokan Japanese Cultural Building fc08.deviantart.net
Don Sushi Asian Food Restaurant fc09.deviantart.net
Dayward Cybernetics Clinic fc08.deviantart.net
Zest Foundation Building fc03.deviantart.net

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