De Marco District
Holding House Storage Warehouse
De Marco Acoustic Amphitheater
De Marco Community Center Hall
Martel Apartments (x2 rent)
Margrave Tower (Rented Commercial Spaces, x2 rent)
Valleyfield Psychotherapy Clinic
Ames High School
HQ Arcade (Virtual Reality Gaming)
The Peepshow (Strip Club & Bar)
Power Strip (Night Club & Bar)
Jerry's (Strip Club & Bar)
CradleTech Architecture & Design
Maximilian Gardens (Assisted Living Facility)
De Marco Park
Trauma Team Long-Term Care Center & Corporate Park
Aspire Warehouses
The Moonlight Temple (Pagan Cultural Church)
Civic Longterm Parking (High Crime Area)
AgriGen Research Laboratory
ZetaTech Computer Center (Condemned)
Lonely Pillow Motel (Coffin Motel)

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