Laguna Complex
Laguna Lake
NorCal State Bank & Gold Reserve (High Security)
MicroTech & TraumaTeam Neural Mapping Center
Stanton Court Apartments (Apartments, x0.5 rent)
NorCal State Guard Barracks
Laguna Inc. Nanomanufacturing Facility
Cherry Pie Roadside Diner
Laguna Canalside Residential (Apartments, Duplexes & Houses, x3 rent)
Canalside Residential (Apartments, Duplexes & Houses, x3 rent)
Laguna Plaza (Commercial Spaces, x3 rent)
MicroTech Server & Data Center
TraumaTeam Medical Records Building
Night Row Records (Recording Studio & Net Music Label)
OTEC Naval Command Station
Laguna Complex Arcology (Apartments, Condos, & Commercial Spaces, x4 rent)
Daedalus Architectural Design Firm
Construction Site
Canal Brook Apartments (Condemned, High Crime Area)
Gold Dome Mosque
Rabbit Hole (Digital Renegades Hideout)
Laguna Complex Plaza
Corporate Diamond (Courtyard)
Laguna Fountain
Laguna Complex Fire Station
EBM Cybersurgery Medical Laboratories
Laguna Complex Subway Station
Lake Stay Court Luxury Hotel (300eb per night, Private Security)
Laguna Hill Gardens (Apartments & Condos, x2 rent)

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