Nakajimo Plaza
Nakajimo Imports Tower nak
Lunar Shipping Warehouse
Old Road Inn (Roadside Motel & Rest Stop)
The Tokyo Zoo Posse (Gang Territory, Streetwise Rank 5+)
The Nakajimo Railway (High Crime Area)
Nakajimo Commerce Center (Commercial Spaces, x3 rent)
Parking Garage (15eb a day parking)
Grove Gardens Apartments (Apartments, x1 rent)
Nakajimo Zoo
Vendor Street (Commercial Spaces, x0.5)
Bait Court (Nomad Slum & Bar, Black Market, requires Streetwise Rank 5+)
The Rodeo Bazaar (Nomad Marketplace, Commercial Space x0.5 rent)
Shuko Drug Store
Angry Lion Tattoo Parlor
Lotus Leaf Greenhouses
Brick Street (Nomad Hitchhikers & Traffic Obstructions)
Nakajimo Subway Station (Entrance to the Nomad Undercity)
BioTechnia Urban Algae Farm
24Hr Convenience Store
Center Court Corporate Residences (Must be Corporate Employee, Apartments, x2 rent)
Brad's Scrap Hill (Nomad Junkyard)
Nakajimo Monorail Station
Nakajimo Plaza (Commercial Spaces, Apartments, Condos, x2 rent)
Oblivion Corporate Offices
Dotson Computer Cafe (10eb an hour)
Korea Court (High Crime Area)
Sukhoi Corporate Offices
Mitsubishi Corporate Building
Belo Horizonte Cybernetics Clinic
Network 54 Local News
Pyotor's Garage & Repairs (Nomad Chopshop, Streetwise Rank 3+)
Fun Town (Red Light District & Casinos)
Nakajimo Park
Four Points (High Crime Area, Gang Violence)
Nakajimo Bus Stop
Datadyne Server Building
Nakajimo Indoor Racing Arena (60eb Event Tickets)
Tattered Lane (High Crime Area)
Nakajimo Train Repair Yard
Hyperion Corporate Building
Nakajimo Court House
Abandoned Warehouse (Partial Flooding)
City Electrical Substation
Nakajimo Slum Housing (Apartments, rent x0.5)
Lojack Row (High Crime Area, Entrance to Nomad Undercity)
Denim Towers Apartment (Street Disciples Guardian Gang Territory, Streetwise Rank 3+)
Old Drainage Tunnel (Sealed by NC Sanitation)
Majik Tower (Advertisement Firm & Media Marketing)

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