Sprint Media Center (Stadium)
Club Valhalla (Luxury Night Club, Invitation Only)
Blackhammer Arms (Black Market Only, Streetwise Rank 5+)
Chalky Tower (Apartments, x1 rent)
Adlebury's Bookshop
Chalkhurst General Hospital
Magic Alley (High Crime Area)
AgriGen Hydroponics Garden Building
GeneTek Corporate Office
Chalkhurst Trainyard
Chalkhurst Train Station
Chalkhurst Park
Elevated Walkway Strip (Commercial Spaces, x1 rent)
Calderon Bistro (Cafe Diner)
Rusty's Repair Garage Rusty_Armadillo_Repair_shop by vianreps on DeviantArt
Baudelaire's CyberDesigns
Chalkhurst Library
The Heron Club (Night Club)
AdamTech Athletic Center (Gym & Rooftop Tennis Courts) Night Time by JoakimOlofsson on DeviantArt

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