A quick tour through your network drives...
This is your Home drive. Only you can see the documents stored here. The H drive is also the default save location for Microsoft Office documents.
<div>Several Shared folders can be found in the Shared drive, including District files (accessible to all PISD staff members) and your school's drives (accessible only to those staff members at your location). When you click here, you'll see lots of additional folders, as described on the next graphic.</div>
<div>Although it is possible to save things to your C drive, you will lose information here if your computer ever has to be reimaged. Use with caution! The H drive is the best storage location because you can access files from any district location as well as via Remote Access.</div>
You can't save to or delete from the W, X, or Y drives. These are locations for the storage of information relevant to different software programs. You will rarely, if ever, access files directly from these locations.
<div>An easy way to keep track of documents on your computer is to use the Documents library. By default, the Documents library shows all the documents located in the My Documents folder, but you can include other folders in your Documents library, too.</div>
<div>Is 2G 2small? You also have unlimited storage in your Google Drive and AND unlimited storage in your OneDrive!</div> k-12.pisd.edu hotspot - plano isd