Lakeside District
Dog's Den (Dive Bar & Pool Hall)
Lakeside High School
Lakeside Residence (Apartments multiplier x1)
Dr. Malachi Xavier King Youth Rehabilitation Center
Subway Train Repair Station
The Lake Yard (dangerous back alleys, controlled by the Lakesiders gang)
Infocomp Datacenter & Library
Lakeside Strip (Strip Mall full of small businesses, Commercial spaces x1 rent)
Wisdom Heart Free Clinic
Salazar Warehouses (50eb a month per 10 square feet)
Lakeside Police Precinct
Lozano Gardens (Hotel)
Halpern Nanomanufacturing
Schultes Insurance Building
Militech Arms (gunstore)
Holy Duke Apartments (Voodoo Boyz stronghold, x1 rent apartments)
Lakeside Landing (AV Landing Pad & Refueling Area)

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