Mellville Tunnel
Night City Metro Parking Garage (Parking 10eb daily)
Mellville Parking Hub (Bus Station & Monorail Station)
Mellville Underpass (High Crime Area)
Mellville Deportee Block Center (Temporary Camp for Deportees & Nomad Squatters)
Clinton Court (High Crime Area)
Archon Luxury Tower (Apartments & Condos, x4 rent, Private Security)
INS Building
Hosin's Used Car Lot (quarter to half priced used vehicles)
Mellville Offramp
Guru Cow Meatpacking & Butcher Shop
Rathon Tower (Corporate Data Server Building)
Flesh Palace (Nudist Brothel & Night Club, VIP Only, Clothing Not Allowed)
Mellville Free Clinic
Ruins of the Dragon Sun Buddhist Monastery
Old Mellville Lot
Drax Orbital Shipping Warehouse
Mellville Residential (Apartments x1 rent)
The Mellville Museum of History
Mellville Hill (Park Overlook)
Tactical Industries (Unmanned Drone Control Center)

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