South Pinnacle
South Pinnacle Mallplex (Apartments x3 rent, Commercial Spaces x2 rent)
Club Electric (Night Club & Bar, VIP only)
Deniz Floating Diner (Boat Restaurant with cheap Turkish cuisine)
Dark Horse Pier (Lazarus Controlled Security)
Shinjuku Manufacturing Facility
The Pinnacle Underpass (High Crime Area & Drug Market)
Hollmont Warehouse (Arasaka Security)
Cambridge Cafe (Expensive Restaurant)
South Pinnacle Residential (Apartments, Condos & Duplexes, x3 rent)
South Pinnacle Pier
The Old Pinnacle Pier (Nomad Shantytown, High Crime Area)
Triple Co. Manufacturing & Storage Warehouse
Bayview Skywalk
Lost Sister Lane (High Crime Area)
SovOil Storage Facility
AllMarket Grocery
Southland Gangsters (Gang Territory)
Wave-Sight Apartments (Apartments, x0.5 rent)
South Pinnacle Offramp
Avera Braindance Motel (150eb a night, Private Security)
The Time Clock (Dive Bar)
The Neon Club (Bar & Music Venue)
South Pinnacle Dock Yard