North Pinnacle
Night City Metropolitan Airport We are going to be back soon
Wings of Icarus Warehouse
North Pinnacle Gardens (Apartments & Condos, x3 rent)
North Pinnacle Transit Hub
Smog Haven (High Crime Skywalk Area)
Magenta Laboratories (Cybernetics & Robotics Research)
Luthor Street Apartments (Apartments, x1 rent)
Digital Image Data Systems
North Pinnacle Park
North Pinnacle Point
Seaside Metro Park
Longterm Parking Garage (100eb monthly parking for vehicles)
Pinnacle Gardens Luxury Hotel (300eb a night, contains a restaurant & bar, and childcare services)
Russler Heavy Weight Gym
TraumaTeam Longterm Care Cryogenics Clinic
North Pinnacle Subway & Bus Station
Empty Lot (Property for Sale, 450,000eb)
URF Armor Prototype Testing Center
Night City SCOP Urban Farming Project

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