Fiskerton District
The Church of Tesla Compound (Cyberpsychosis Clinic & Nonprofit)
Fiskerton Residential (Apartments, x2 multiplier)
Royce Department Store
Fiskerton Aerial Transit Station (Aerodyne & Aerial Vehicle Landing)
The Herald Posse Watchmen (Guardian Gang Territory)
The Sight Unseen (Dive Bar & Music Store)
Electric Strip
Musket Tavern (Bar & Grill)
The Dollar Bill Club (Dive Bar)
Fiskerton Park
Ajax Insurance Building
Full House Motel (Coffin Motel, 20eb a night)
Boulangerie Bakery
Fiskerton NCPD Precinct
Fiskerton Mallplex (Commercial Spaces, x2 rent)
Fiskerton Monorail Station
JadeTech 3D Printing & Design

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