Park Front
Race Arts (Art Gallery)
NCU Pharmaceutical Science Building
Abandoned Properties (For Sale)
The Fish Market (Open Air Bazaar)
The Stop & Go (Night Club)
Park Front Business Plaza (Red Lion Bar, Neon Manga, Commercial Spaces x1 rent)
Spader's Drinks (Bar)
Triple Co. Robotics Facility
The Imperial Sun (Sushi Bar & Night Club)
Park Front Maglev Terminal (Crow Bar)
The Shadow Club (Night Club & Bar)
Emergency Bunker (Former Fallout Shelter for the Collapse, High Crime Area)
The Musk Den (Gourmet Restaurant & Bar)
Park Sight Tower (Apartments & Condos, x2 rent)
Digital Polygraph Studios (Recording Studio)
Sci Luxury Tower (Apartments & Condos, x3 rent)
Applewood Tower (Apartments, x1 rent)
TraumaTeam Hospital & Cybernetics Clinic
CitiNet Server Center
NCU Computer Center (Academic Data Backups)
Horizon Living Solutions (Apartments & Condos, x2 rent)

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