Ackerman District
Ackerman Park
Long Acre Field (Dog & Horse Racing Track, Gambling)
Ackerman Mallplex (Commercial Spaces & Apartments, x2 rent)
Certain Designs (Fashionware Cyber Clinic)
The Church of Elvis
Ackerman Plaza
Junction Way (High Crime Area)
Triple Co. Nanofactory
Master Tech Robotics
Shinjuku VR Recreational Center
Entrance to the Nomad Underground (High Crime Area)
Ackerman Civic Building (Local Government)
The Roost (Tiki Bar)
Sinner's Lounge (Sports Bar & Betting Area)
The Crooked Stick (Bar & Pool Hall)
The Professionals (Strip Club & Sex Shop)
Raven Microcyber Cyber-Therapy Clinic (Maximum Security)
Theseus Skate Park
Dibyr Fountain Gardens
Plusher Shipping & Storage
Ackerman Residential (Apartments & Condos, x2 rent)
Esther Pod Residences (Apartments, x0.5 rent)
Ackerman Community Center & Civic Theater
24 Hour Laundromat
Paradigm Luxury Towers (Apartments & Condos, x4 rent)
Ackerman Transit Hub (Bus Station, Subway, Monorail and Train)
Gospel Haven Evangelical Ministry (Religious Center & Media Studio)
H.24 (24 hour convenience store)

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