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View from below There is another pond on the opposite side of the tower. (location) I have printed 10 postcards of this picture. Most will be sent via postcrossing. - the first was sent to Brazil - the second to the United Kingdom - the third to Germany - the fourth to the United States of America - the fifth to New Zealand - the sixth to Finland - the seventh to Australia I must have posted two of these cards without recording their destinations, because I have only one left.
Rive: The reader will understand where the topic is located in relation to the Seine River.
construction video YouTube
Location: Where in Paris? How to get there? Arrondissement?
Describes the physical appearance. Eiffel Tower
Proximity to other monuments: at least 3 other tourist attractions nearby An overwhelming Eiffel Tower in Paris - actually a sight full of flashing lights but visible just for a few minutes every night - seen from Hotel Carlton's.
Arret du Metro: which metro stop is nearest. a stop on the Montreal metro
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Optional Information about significant people (designers, architects, engineers) etc. Il 27 Dicembre 1923 muore a Parigi Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. Oblitération 1er jour à Dijon et Paris le 18 décembre 1982 Vente générale le 20 décembre 1982 Retiré de la vente le 18 novembre 1983 Valeur faciale: 1,60 F Surtaxe: 0,40 F au profit de la Croix-Rouge française Format: 36x21,45 mm Dentelure: 13 Couleur: brun Imprimé en taille douce rotative 3 couleurs à 50 timbres par feuille sur presse N° 6 Emis à 3 millions d´exemplaires Dessiné et gravé par Marie-Noëlle Goffin (c) Phil-Ouest Per il forum: i4Moschettieri
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