The Harlem Shake World Map
What's this all about? It is the latest dance craze to go viral with reports of over 12,000 videos of the Harlem Shake posted online in the last month. The...
Cancún, México. Harlem Shake Underwater
UK. The Royal Family joins Harlem Shake fever (parody) One must take a bash at these is that cheeky Prince Harry leading us all into a right royal knees up! Produced by My Destination - http://www....
Norwegian Army. More than 53 mln views on Youtube COPYRIGHT© Shout out to Baauer - Harlem Shake. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL NORWEGIAN ARMY SHAKE! Harlem shake. Army style. -------------------------------- Me and m...
The first Internet version of the Harlem Shake. By Filthy Franck People were asking for the full version so here it is. Plus, it deserves it's own video. SONG NAME: Harlem Shake - Baauer *ALL COPYRIGHTS go to Baauer or who...
Cyprus, dancing in the Buffer Zone This video was not made by The Cyprus Dossier. It was found (source below) and re-uploaded as a record. Read more about the Nicosia International Airport: ht...
Harlem Shake on a flight at 30,000 feet. Somewhere between Colorado Springs and San Diego The FAA is trying to determine if some students violated any rules when they performed a popular dance during a flight from Colorado Springs to San Diego. Me...
Saudi Arabia. Top Ten best and funniest. We couldn't choose just one. YouTube
Tunisia. Students of El Menzah High School (Gangam style) YouTube
Mc Murdo Station, Antarctica. Harlem Shake Fire edition Daily apparatus checks at the Antarctic Fire Department @ McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
Machu Picchu Went to Machu Picchu for a school trip and decided to make a Harlem shake at the very top of Wayna Picchu which is the giant mountain behind all the famous p...
Texas. Allegedly the largest so far! Harlem Shake. Everything is BIGGER at THE University of Texas! Presented by the University Co-op
Reykjavik, Iceland. Erasmus students, of course. Erasmus students' (2013) style Harlem Shake in Reykjavik Iceland.
University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada University of Guelph does the Harlem Shake right. Song Credit: Baauer - Harlem Shake Audio: Organizers: 1) Christo...
Made by proffessionals. English National Ballet Style English National Ballet's version of the Harlem Shake inspired by the original Harlem Shake by: filthy frank We hope you enjoy our shenanigans as much as we ...
Somewhere in Scandinavia. SAS Airlines YouTube
Australia. The Harlem Shake as we know it. Thanks YouTube for acknowledging TSCS's meme of the Harlem Shake kickstarted an internet explosion
Samoan Style Typical Island Family Time... Tesa Teevale Anton Teevale Ana Faafetai Alan Ioapo Melissa Ioapo Vineta Ioapo NewJoy Ioapo - Camera Girl
Philippines Islands style
The Top 5 of the Harlem Shake -Russian Style YouTube
France. Saint-Étienne Football Club players. (Official) Les joueurs de l'ASSE sont les premiers de Ligue 1 à se mettre en mode Harlem Shake. Vidéo tournée la semaine dernière dans le vestiaire des pros à L'Etrat.
China. Harlem Shake Grannies Style Man on the Video's Twitter : Now Do The Harlem Shake JUST FOR FUN ! JOIN THE PARTY TODAY !
North Pole (allegedly). Harlem Shake - Northpole Edition
China. Harlem Shake on the Great Wall Taking the Harlem Shake to The Far East
Kenya. Living Positive NGO. Living Positive Kenya (LPK) is a non-government organization (NGO) that seeks to improve the physical and psychological health of women and children infected...
Mongolia. Ulan Bator (Harlem Shake - Beatles tribute)
Indonesia. Inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) YouTube
Siberia. Harlem Shake by - 30º Celsius. HARLEM SHAKE in very cold Siberia. City Novosibirsk naked Humans. SubZero Дмитрий Лычагин ( )
Pretoria, South Africa. Dancing with the Oscar. The best Harlem Shake yet. Performed in Pretoria, South Africa. © 2013 SJ Tamlin.
Patagonia. Torres del Paine Torres Del Paine does the harlem shake. el loco
Brazil - São Paulo city YouTube
Rio de Janeiro. Carnaval edition YouTube
DR Congo Harlem Shake Congo Belge
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Poland Barbara Kwarc, czyli ja. U mnie wszystko musi być GIT! Kiedyś w akcji KlatkaB, dzisiaj na moim blogu. Wszystkie odcinki vlogu na
Afghanistan working heros
Afghanistan working heros
Harlem Shake history It all started with a drunk basketball fan in 1980s New York. Then at the end of January 2013 a vlogger known as Filthy Frank
Austria. Harlem Shake - Bundesheer Style YouTube
Portugal: Rádio Comercial Siga a Comercial - FINALMENTE! O Harlem Shake da Rádio Comercial!
Cairo - HQ of the Muslim Brotherhood نظم عدد من أعضاء صفحة «النضال الثوري الساخر» دعوة على موقع فيسبوك للمشاركة اليوم الخميس ٢٨ فبراير ٢٠١٣، في تجمع راقص، لرقص أغنية «هارليم شيك» التي انتشرت حول...
Morocco edition (Descartes-Rabat) Merci à tous !
Morocco edition. Merci à tous ! Tout a commencé avec un fan de basket ivre dans le New York des années 1980. Des années plus tard, fin janvier 2013, un bloggeur El virus se generó en los años ’80 en Nueva York. La culpa fue de un aficionado al baloncesto con unas copas de más. A finales Con los terroristas! Этот безумный возглас сегодня можно услышать из компьютеров по всему миру: Harlem Shake, композиция американского диджея DJ Baauer в сопровождении самых невообразимых Her şey New York’ta 1980 yılında sarhoş bir basketbol severin şuursuz hareketleriyle başladı. Ardından Filthy Frank adında video paylaşım sitesinin Ocak 2012 yılında Youtube’ta paylaştığı

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