B.F. Skinner In His Own Words
<div>Here's what he says about how learning to read can be fun. He uses the term "contrived contingencies" - by which he simply means starting out by giving a child a reward like candy for doing a certain amount of reading, but notice how his goal is to eventually remove these contingencies so that the natural pleasure of reading can take over.</div> soundcloud.com In another surprisingly "humanistic" interview with B.F. Skinner he discusses what he thinks we can do to make learning to read fun. "Fun"? and "Skinner"? Yup. There are more sides to Skinner than
Here's Skinner talking about his own experiences learning to play the piano and how, if done right, learning to play an instrument could include exploration and pleasure. I'll bet we can all identify with his experience. soundcloud.com B.F. Skinner has, unfortunately, suffered from a bad reputation. Listen to how he explains his own experiences learning to play the piano and his suggestions for how children might come to love playi
Skinner on the story that he raised his daughter in a "Skinner box". soundcloud.com This is another warm, funny sound byte from Skinner himself in which he dispels this crazy myth about him raising his children in a Skinner box. It was nice to hear what a wonderful relationship he h
Skinner on how he never &quot;used his psychology&quot; on his own kids. soundcloud.com Here's an amusing sound byte from Skinner that gives us a peek into this personal life and his softer side. He talks about how he never used psychology on his own kids to raise them.
Skinner on how we all achieve true happiness in life. You might mistake him for a humanist. Notice his use of developing one's potential. soundcloud.com It's interesting to hear Skinner's views on happiness. Is happiness - no matter how it is achieved - a good thing? How does the individual achieve happiness? You might be surprised to hear how huma
<div>Here's a link to the B.F. Skinner Foundation where you'll find plenty more resources on Dr. Skinner's work.</div> www.bfskinner.org The B. F. Skinner Foundation – Page not found

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