The Water Cycle
"It's Raining" On the Tiny Planet of Nature, Bing and Bong learn how the water cycle works. 1. Watch the video and write a summary explaining the water cycle as it occurs. Remember to use correct vocabulary. Next: National Geographic Explorer! "Stormy Skies" Explore National Geographic. A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration.
Learning About Evaporation Watch this short video about evaporation, and answer the following questions in your language arts notebook. 1. Do you agree with the students definitions of evaporation? 2. Does water disappear during the evaporation phase of the water cycle? 3. How did the student definitions of evaporation change? Next: Condensation Activity Watch this brief, video picture of practice that captures everyday classroom life and provides real-life examples of how students learn and think about freshwater topics.
National Geographic Explorer! Water Ways Read the article Water Ways from National Geographic Explorer! (pg 10-11) 1. Identify the four main phases of the water cycle. Draw a detailed diagram in your language arts notebook. 2. What does the author mean when he says "The water we have on Earth now is all the water we'll ever have. There's no more. So it's up to you to do what you can to take care of it." Next: Learning About Evaporation
National Geographic Explorer! Stormy Skies Read Stormy Skies from National Geographic Explorer! (pg 12-15) As you read answer the following questions in your writing notebook. 1. Using evidence from the text, what do all clouds have in common? 2. Using what you already know about the water cycle and the text, identify the energy source behind the water cycle. 3. Using evidence from the text, what do scientists believe is contributing to the change in Earth's weather. Next: Hand in your Notebook and return all supplies.
Condensation Activity Follow the directions to complete the condensation activity. Materials are located on the back table. After completing the experiment, answer the questions located under the heading "Think About It..." in your language arts notebook. Next: "It's Raining" Video

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