The New Tappan Zee Bridge
The new bridge will include two spans, each with four lanes of traffic and two emergency lanes. A pedestrian and bike path will be built on the northern span.
A mass transit task force will study options for the new bridge during 2013. The proposed bridge's design calls for bus lanes and allows a rail connection between the two spans.
Readers were divided over the proposed bridge's design, but many agreed it reminded them of the Honda logo.
State officials say steps will be taken to minimize the impacts of construction on neighboring communities. TARRYTOWN, N.Y. – Two Tappan Zee Bridge community outreach centers will open Tuesday in Tarrytown and Nyack for residents who have questions and concerns during the construction process, state officials announced Monday. The centers will...
The New York State Thruway Authority plans to use bonds to help pay for initial costs. Not Found | Tarrytown-SleepyHollow Daily Voice
This video shows what it will be like to drive over the new bridge. YouTube
Officials chose a bridge proposal that was the cheapest to build. The proposal also is faster to complete and has the least amount of dredging.
A visual quality panel has been formed to let residents give design input on bridge features and art installations.
The new bridge will be built by Tappan Zee Constructors, an international design-build team.
New York State's official Tappan Zee Bridge project website. Home
Historical articles and photographs of the original Tappan Zee Bridge construction. Tappan Zee Bridge Construction
Archival video from New York State on the Tappan Zee Bridge's opening in 1955. Promotional film from the New York State Thruway Authority celebrates the opening of the Tappan Zee Bridge, then "the largest bridge of its type in the world...

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