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Bostrom (2005) ‘Transhumanist values’ reproduced from Review of Contemporary Philosophy, Vol. 4, May 2005. www.nickbostrom.com Transhumanist Values
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FDA approves first bionic eye www.cnn.com It won't restore sight completely, but allows sight-impaired individuals to detect light and dark.
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Ligia Toutant #edcmooc See my blog travelerglobal.wordpress.com #edcmooc  Ligia Toutant  Final assignment: Transhumant technologies and Disability I chose to create my artifact on the theme of transhumanism, which is part of week 4 –Redefining the human. Bostro…
#transhumanism twitter.com Am 9. Feb. hat @zoltan_istvan getwittert: „One year ago, this major feature on my #..“ – lies, was andere zu sagen haben, und nimm an der Unterhaltung teil.