Virtual Immersion: A Double Bind edcMOOC Artefact
We are social beings, we need to belong, we need to connect, and we have. Compelling Power of Connerctivist Learning
CONNECT, SHARE, INSPIRE, COLLABORATE, TEACH, LEARN Working together, inspiring, creating, learning
Life long lesson: where there's life, there's hope. What value is education if not for empowering us to shape a better future in the real world. "Technology enhanced education". Note "enhanced" Learning in the forest
"Technology enhanced learning" Today's lesson, how to become extinct. Images from Corning's "A Day Made of Glass" The forest as a backdrop
Saving the Rainforest: experiential learning, digital story telling creating an ever widening circle. How technology should enhance learning.
Brian created this twitterbird animation to reflect how participants viewed the twitter edcmchat. Adrenaline! This little clip was the idea of Angela Towndrow, a fellow participant and Twitter chat moderator on this course. She suggested creating something that might...
Our Chemical Selves: Although augmented learning through brain-machine interfacing may not yet be a reality, we are already forging strong connections between our brain and our computers just by the way we use them.   Connectivist Learning: course Prerequisites:  your own device, internet connection, oxytocin and adrenaline This is my last post...
I created this animation as a presentation of data generated from a survey of edcmchat participants. Twitter allows us to belong, to connect, to be excited and happy (and addicted) Fundamental human needs satisfied in 140 characters or less. An animation that utilises some of the results to our survey for the #edcmchat on 26-01-2013
We are social beings, we need to belong, we need to connect, and we have. Compelling Power of Connerctivist Learning
"Transtwitterism" Explore Angela Towndrow's photos on Flickr. Angela Towndrow has uploaded 216 photos to Flickr.
Andy Mitchell's tagsexplorer: tracking connections between tweetchat participants Flickr - Photo Sharing!
edcMOOCers response to tweetchats was to look for connections, create narrative, ask how it made us feel. Chris Swift's blog, Andy Mitchell's storify, my survey explore our humanity in the machine. A round up of this week's Twitter chat and some themes that came out of it. We answered 3  questions and  had 84 participants & 1274 tweet...
Desperately seeking the human Flickr - Photo Sharing!
This artefact explores 2 themes. Utopian and dystopian visions of being "always on" are represented in the neglected home image. Engaged and connected learning is richly rewarding but requires immersion in the virtual and disconnection from other aspects of life in various different ways. What it means to be human in the virtual world now and in the future is explored through a series of edcMOOC student artefacts which focus on twitter communication, through the ways in which the tweetchat conversations were interpreted. It was the fundamental human characteristics related to belonging, connecting, pleasure and excitement that captured our imagination. We look for the human touch in the virtual world. As the lines between ourselves and our devices becomes blurred, even without being physically "plugged in" perhaps we need to keep check on the human condition. Considerations on the future of technology enhanced learning are depicted in a series of images which question the value of what and how we learn in a technology dominated environment .
Anando Puratama's graphic shows few connections. How does that make us feel? Ignored? Sidelined? Less valued? Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Sounding out ideas, making sense of it all, thanks Andy! Explore Angela Towndrow's photos on Flickr. Angela Towndrow has uploaded 216 photos to Flickr.
This artefact has been submitted as part of the requirement for eLearning and Digital Cultures, University of Edinburgh, Coursera, 2013. Thankyou to those students whose creations I've included in this artefact. Thanks edcMOOC Fraingers! Angela Towndrow

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