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a caterpillar = FRENCH= une chenille www.flickr.com Caterpillar i found at charlottetown pond today.
a bull FRENCH= un taureau www.flickr.com I can never pass a field with a bull in it without trying to get a photograph as I am always amazed that they can amass such bulk from simply eating grass and even more amazing is that cows produce milk from the same vegetation. Nature is fantastic,
an apple ! www.flickr.com Finished...may noodle with it a bit more but mostly I'm done. This apple comes from the same tree that I painted in blossom earlier this Spring.
head & shoulders FRENCH= tête et épaules www.flickr.com Just goes to show you that you can take a preschool teacher out of her classroom, slap on some lip gloss, add some bling and then stuff her into a Wonderbra, but you just can't get those damn Barney songs out of her head.
nuts FRENCH= noix www.flickr.com Nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts.
a window FRENCH= une fenêtre www.flickr.com window within a window
a box FRENCH= une boîte www.flickr.com A box to organize my various implements and materials for my tape models.
a wheel FRENCH = une roue www.flickr.com You gotta have wheels ! Ho..ho..hee hee..haha ;-))))
To crunch =To chew with a noisy crackling sound. FRENCH = croquer (bruyamment!) www.flickr.com Exams are right around the corner. Time to buckle down. If only this is REALLY what was meant by exams. Nestle Crunch Bars :) Thank god I have Senior exemptions. I still have to take one exam, but I'm soo glad I don't have to take all of them. I have no idea how I got through this the past three years. Strobist: Vivitar 383 into white umbrella camera left triggered via Cactus v4. Vivitar 383 into white umbrella rear camera right. Triggered with Optical Slave. #252 in Explore 1/12/10
a blackberry, a berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry,...) FRENCH = une mure, une baie www.flickr.com Blackberries at St. Catherine's
a tube (nickname for TV, or Subway) FRENCH = a tube est un tuyau, mais est utilisé en surnom pour la télé et le métro ! www.flickr.com Samsung LN52A650 -- an amazing LCD TV with a nice 52" size. View with it on here: www.flickr.com/photos/adrianblack/3246497644/ and more pictures here: www.flickr.com/photos/adrianblack/sets/72157606955119664/
a deer FRENCH = un cerf www.flickr.com © All rights reserved. a male red deer (stag) calling out during the rutting season in Richmond Park, London.. the magical red tone surrounding the beast is lit by the dawn glow of the rising sun and the early morning mist. --- Please refrain from unnecessary notes ,glitter graphics & multiple invites - thanks. And please don't post your own shots in comments or they will be removed. --- www.raywise.co.uk Getty Images Follow on Twitter My Blog Facebook Photography Page 500px My books: London Lights Golden Hours ---
velvet = soft fabric FRENCH = velours www.flickr.com Yahoo - login
a shell FRENCH = un coquillage www.flickr.com Shell polished so mother of pearl shows through.
a dove FRENCH = colombe, tourterelle www.flickr.com Just a common dove on a grey cloudy day. It was quite happy to sit there for 20 minutes while I slowly moved closer and closer to him.. this is my favorite shot of the day .
a wick = A piece of material that conveys liquid by capillary action (like in a candle) FRENCH = une mèche www.flickr.com The tip of a burning candle wick. I never knew all those bulbous shapes existed until I started sighting down the viewfinder!
an inn = a hotel FRENCH = une auberge www.flickr.com Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, site of the three day Battle of Gettysburg from July 1 to July 3, 1863, has become a renowned historical site in the eastern United States. The town is now a popular destination for tourists. Built one block from the town square in 1786, the Brafferton Inn is Gettysburg's oldest continual residence. Nicholas Codori purchased the house in 1843. He later purchased a farm on Emmitsburg Road which is now famous as the Codori Farm on the Gettysburg Battlefield. The Codori family lived in this house for 124 years, until 1967. View On Black
a nest FRENCH = un nid www.flickr.com ...I never know what the auto focus is going to catch, as I have to hold the camera over my head on tip toes and shoot blind into the nest area... today, you get to see more of the nest making in detail. They are quite beautiful works of art I think! Of course, there are still four lovely aqua blue eggs :)
To rove = To wander about at random, especially over a wide area FRENCH = silloner a rover =a wanderer FRENCH = un vagabond www.flickr.com Rover (noun). 1. wanderer, traveler: someone who leads a wandering unsettled life. 2. ‘rolling stone’, ‘bird of passage’: a person who moves from place to place frequently. 3. nomad: a member of a people who have no permanent home but move about according to the seasons 4. drifter: a wanderer who has no established residence or visible means of support 5. itinerant: traveling from place to place, especially to perform work or a duty. 6. tramp: a person who travels about on foot, usually with no permanent home, living by begging or doing casual work Meeting him on Yearly Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, here in New York I instantly remembered this not so often used in contemporary English word - ROVER. I love to talk with my heroes, so I came, asked him something but he didn’t answered. I looked at his eyes and saw there just sky and road, the only things real wanderer needs. Nothing keeps him here or on other place, all his belongings are always with him, in his backpack; his house is nowhere and everywhere in a same time. He doesnt follow any rules or laws - he’s absolutely happy and free like ‘bird of passage’ breaking any borders... Certainly it was just a role, impersonation of old medieval wanderer, may be traveling poet or singer but I believed to his image and... made a shot. Much better viewed large View On Black
a toy FRENCH = un jouet www.flickr.com for Simon and his toys
a whirl = The act of rotating or revolving rapidly a pool = An accumulation of standing liquid FRENCH: un tourbillon, un bassin (as in a swimming pool !) www.flickr.com These are whirls of green and blue ink in a bowl of glass.
To pamper = To treat with excessive indulgence FRENCH = dorloter, bichonner www.flickr.com Big hug
To slim = To loose weight FRENCH = perdre du poids www.flickr.com Weight Loss Park City Club Reduce
a redskin = native American FRENCH = un peau-rouge (indien), skin = peau
a weight = un poids To watch = regarder (watch TV), surveiller www.flickr.com ODC - Hobbies. Truthfully, it isn't really my favorite thing to do or hobby, but I need to do weights to try to keep in shape, or do I mean to get back in shape....
to clean = nettoyer
to vanish = to disappear FRENCH = disparaitre
Apparel = clothes FRENCH = vêtements www.flickr.com Partybots Eco-Apparel & Art is now available at The Early Bird Hype in Berlin, Germany. For More Info: www.partybots.org/Retailers.html “Drawing is one of the most important factors of my existence. It is how I communicate my observations, experiences & world with the people that contribute to it.” — Karl Addison Founded in 2003 by Seattle artist Karl Addison, Partybots is an environmentally conscience business with two goals: to be actively creative everyday and to have as little impact on the environment and the creatures that inhabit it. To be actively creative takes hard work, dedication, imagination, and experience. Each one of Karl’s designs is an original piece of art that represents beats—small changes—that happen around him everyday. Taken as a whole, his body of work represents graphic souvenirs from his travels around the world, from Tokyo to his front porch. To carry out this mission of sustainability, Karl holds himself and his business to very high environmental and ethical standards. His printing process uses the latest eco-friendly methods, including platen glue, soy-based cleaners, and screen printing solvents that utilize renewable soy. Karl is also passionate about the non-profit organization Mercy for Animals. He strongly agrees with MFA’s belief that non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals with morally significant interests and rights. He believes the work they do is so impassioned and important that, We donated to MFA. To find out more about this organization, please visit their website at www.mercyforanimals.org.
silk = a fiber produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons FRENCH = soie www.flickr.com Silk Handkerchief My mind went through a lot of ideas with this theme. I have plenty of silk ties for work, then I thought of the silk handkerchief that comes with some of my ties. What I did was place this handkerchief on the arm of my couch in the sunlight and took a picture using the macro setting. I like the ridge at the top from the crease in the fold. I also like some of the shadowing that I get. This picture is taking part in the 2009 Photo Challenge Group. The the number one place for challenging yourself to take your photography to the next level. You can also follow me on twitter @BrianNeudorff