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a caterpillar = FRENCH= une chenille www.flickr.com
a bull FRENCH= un taureau www.flickr.com
an apple ! www.flickr.com
head & shoulders FRENCH= tête et épaules www.flickr.com
nuts FRENCH= noix www.flickr.com
a window FRENCH= une fenêtre www.flickr.com
a box FRENCH= une boîte www.flickr.com
a wheel FRENCH = une roue www.flickr.com
To crunch =To chew with a noisy crackling sound. FRENCH = croquer (bruyamment!) www.flickr.com
a blackberry, a berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry,...) FRENCH = une mure, une baie www.flickr.com
a tube (nickname for TV, or Subway) FRENCH = a tube est un tuyau, mais est utilisé en surnom pour la télé et le métro ! www.flickr.com
a deer FRENCH = un cerf www.flickr.com
velvet = soft fabric FRENCH = velours www.flickr.com
a shell FRENCH = un coquillage www.flickr.com
a dove FRENCH = colombe, tourterelle www.flickr.com
a wick = A piece of material that conveys liquid by capillary action (like in a candle) FRENCH = une mèche www.flickr.com The tip of a burning candle wick. I never knew all those bulbous shapes existed until I started sighting down the viewfinder!
an inn = a hotel FRENCH = une auberge www.flickr.com
a nest FRENCH = un nid www.flickr.com
To rove = To wander about at random, especially over a wide area FRENCH = silloner a rover =a wanderer FRENCH = un vagabond www.flickr.com
a toy FRENCH = un jouet www.flickr.com
a whirl = The act of rotating or revolving rapidly a pool = An accumulation of standing liquid FRENCH: un tourbillon, un bassin (as in a swimming pool !) www.flickr.com
To pamper = To treat with excessive indulgence FRENCH = dorloter, bichonner www.flickr.com
To slim = To loose weight FRENCH = perdre du poids www.flickr.com
a redskin = native American FRENCH = un peau-rouge (indien), skin = peau
a weight = un poids To watch = regarder (watch TV), surveiller www.flickr.com
to clean = nettoyer
to vanish = to disappear FRENCH = disparaitre
Apparel = clothes FRENCH = vêtements www.flickr.com
silk = a fiber produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons FRENCH = soie www.flickr.com