Creating Our Path
I HAVE *People who I trust *People who love me *People who keep me safe and healthy *People who help me be independent
I CAN * Solve my problems *Control myself *Be resourceful *Find help when I need it
I AM * Loved by others * Glad to help others * Respectful to myself and others * Responsible for my words and actions
What does it mean to help children develop resilience? Why does it matter? Watch this video to learn more! NSW public school teachers talk about how kids can learn to bounce back from life's disappoinments.
Tools for creating healthy relationships (students)
What to do when relationships get rocky! Please visit this website for ideas and activities. Have you been dreaming of a life without bullies? Your dreams can come true. You can be rid of them in a matter of days by turning them into buddies.
In life, each of us are given a path. It is important to have a variety of "tools" to help us keep going when times get tough. Please click on icons along the path and mountains to find helpful ideas and tools to use on your journey!
Navigating the path of female friendships sometimes requires special skills. Check out this website for practice!
What is the difference between tattling and telling? Does it change as children grow older? This article includes development information for parents as well as some helpful tools you can give your child! How can a parent discourage unnecessary tattling, yet encourage a child to

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