Westward Expansion Rap youtu.be This rap covers VDOE SOL 4.a (westward expansion impact on Native Americans). Instrumental = dueces-chris brown Lyrics: Westward expansion Americans advancin...
www.pbs.org PBS - THE WEST - The Oregon Trail
ponyexpress.org History | Pony Express
youtu.be http://blog.wellsfargo.com/guidedbyhistory/2010/04/wells_fargo_and_the_pony_expre.html - The Pony Express was an innovative mail service that greatly impacte...
The Santa Fe Trail was an old trail used by traders from Missouri who took manufactured goods to Santa Fe to exchange for furs and other items available there. www.vlib.us Santa Fe Trail History, William Becknell, 1821: Old West Kansas Trails: Kansas Heritage Group

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