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Songsmith is a user-friendly tool, great for sparking student creativity. Students can compose and record their own songs and share them with their classmates. It can be used to teach difficult musical concepts, as well as any other subjet in an innovative way. songsmith.ms
Office 365 is free for educators. They can use it to create virtual classrooms, communicate with students per e-mail or through video conferences, share documents and keep track of important dates and due assignments, all of this in a secure and protected environment. www.microsoft.com
PhotoStory 3 is great for creating visual stories from digital photos. You can add special effects, narration and sound and personalize your photos with titles or captions. You can embed your Photo Story on your blog or you can send it by e-mail. You can watch the story on your Windows Mobile–based portable device, on TV or on the computer. www.microsoft.com
Windows Photo Gallery is great for editing photos, creating slide shows and for digital storytelling. support.microsoft.com
With Microsoft Flashcards students can create, share and study different concepts. flashcards.educationlabs.com
With Microsoft AutoCollage students can create collages in a very easy way. Collages can be a creative way of expression and a powerful source of information. Educators can download AutoCollage from the PIL network. www.microsoft.com
Windows Live Movie Maker is great for creating movies with special effects, sounds and captions. www.microsoft.com
With Photosynth students can create panoramas and 3D views of places. They can combine multiple photos into one interactive 3D Synth and publish it online. blogs.msdn.microsoft.com
Sky Drive is an online storage system that allows users to upload and sync files and access them from their own devices or from the web. The files can be private or public or shared with friends. SkyDrive is free. skydrive.live.com
Interactive Classroom Add-In for Power Point and One Note enables teachers to increase student participation, create polling questions and get real-time feedback on student performance. education.microsoft.com
Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 is great for making Maths, Physics and Chemistry easier to understand and learn. Its features enable users to perform all kinds of mathematical operations, to solve equations and inequalities, to plot graphs in 2D and 3D and to visualize abstract concepts. It contains a powerful graphing calculator which students can use instead of a handheld one. What’s more, it supports ink handwriting, so that students can write on their tablet devices by hand. www.microsoft.com
Mouse Mischief is a PowerPoint add-in that teachers use to create and play interactive,multiple-mouse presentations. Students participate in the presentation at the same time by using their own mice. www.microsoft.com
Skype in the classroom is a free online community open to teachers of all subjects, to speakers of all languages and to learners from all over the world. education.microsoft.com Skype in the Classroom is a free and easy way for teachers to open up their classroom. Meet new people, talk to experts, share ideas and create amazing learning experiences with teachers from aroun...
Accessibility and assistive technology products exist for: Vision impairments Learning impairments Mobility and dexterity impairments Hearing impairments, deafness and language impairments. www.microsoft.com
WorldWide Telescope enables students to explore the universe. www.microsoft.com
The Chemistry Add-in for Word enables students and teachers to insert, modify, and present chemical information. education.microsoft.com
Bing enables teachers and students to quickly find information in a visual, organized way. www.bing.com Bing helps you turn information into action, making it faster and easier to go from searching to doing.
These and more free tools can be found in the Partners in Learning Network, a global community of educators dedicated to improving student learning worldwide. education.microsoft.com
Arjana Blazic is a Microsoft Innovative Educator and Teacher Trainer and an Intel Master Teacher. traveloteacher.blogspot.ie