No need for date of birth
The formatting does not look very good and there is no logic in putting the address line in the same space with the name
You should also include an email address
Insufficient detail. If you do not provide any information on grades or your thesis/classes you could be opening yourself up to questions and in the worst case the reviewer assumes bad grades. Only consider excluding grades when they are genuinely bad and you have work experience to make up for it
Line different from previous lines
More details needed (this is the same time period in which you were meant to be at Royal Holloway according to the CV)
Wasting one entire line. If you have very limited space make sure to use it to the best possible extent. An option here would be to add some more brief details on your performance
Unclear how long the experience actually went
Formatting is not in line with the rest of the document
This would be good points if written in bullets. As a paragraph however, it does not grab the readers attention in particular. The last sentence is too long and if that is meant to be a paragraph it should add with a “.”
Optically it would be better to employ bullet points in this particular CV but whatever you choose, consistency is key and using bullets for this experience only is inconsistent
Insufficient information about what your concrete duties and responsibilities actually included
Non-abbreviated month is inconsistent with previous format
This experience is somewhat outdated and even though it may be relevant the author should consider to include something for up-to-date instead. However, it is well presented because it is succinct yet gives specific and ‘measurable’ information on success (number of students and budget)
While there is nothing wrong with such a section per se it is still better to have more specific sections. E.g. both points here could go under a Skills and Awards section that could be combined with the section below
Space between section title (Awards and Scholarships) and first line of content (2011) is inconsistent with the other sections which do not include space
This gentleman was one of the prosecutors in the International Criminal Court tribunal case against former Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. However, even if it is clear to you, your reader is unlikely to know this person. Make sure you point it out
This is the Department of Politics and International Relations in Oxford but people will not know unless you tell them…
More information is required, what was the scholarship given for?
Comma is not needed here and it is inconsistent with the rest of the document
This is font size 12, the rest of the document is font size 11. Be careful when copy and pastying in bits and pieces from other documents and always check your CV for complete consistency
Waste of space, either write something on the right or try to keep the text on the left in one line. E.g. instead of "Memberships in Youth Atlantic Treaty Association" write "Atlantic Treaty Association"
Be consistent with capital letters
Choose between British and American English and stick to it. At the beginning of the CV the author employs American English (Introduction to Globalization) whereas programme is British
The last few CV items are all good but none of them is a deal-breaker. You might instead choose to give more details on your job experience, courses taken at Uni or whatever else could be more relevant. In 1-page resumes people often fail to prioritise and do not focus on the key items. Also, quality beats quantity
Generally I would not include such a section because it is a waste of space without being particularly relevant to your application. The only exception would be if you have any specific sportive/hobby achievements (Captain of Football club, won rowing race, etc.) that speak for a certain skill that you have (determination, discipline, etc.)