Modern Equivalent Image Essay
This image was a self-portrait created by Vincent Van Gogh himself after he had cut off a lower section of his own ear (Gogh).
Vincent Van Gogh has a missing ear in this image, illustrating his occasional psychopathic tendencies. This relates to Pygmalion's ridiculous obsession with Galatea (before she was alive).
Vincent Van Gogh's worried eyes suggest that this image would have been painted when he was in a state of quilt, regret, or loneliness.
The attention to detail in this painting truly expresses the level of artistic expertise that Van Gogh had acquired throughout his career: illuminating his devotion and dedication to his passion for art.
The message that this painting sends to me is that Vincent Van Gogh felt like a lonely man alone in the world, wishing for the love of anyone viewing his painting. This is similar to Pygmalion's inner loneliness and his reaching out to Aphrodite for help in his time of need.

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