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Holiday Special

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If you are a Thinglink member go here to create your own wish to Santa! www.thinglink.com
Add "DearSanta" or "Dear Santa" to the title of the image. www.thinglink.com
"I will use these illustrations to make collage poster for my home." www.etsy.com
Add a hashtag #dearsanta to your tweet and share your image with us (@Thinglink). twitter.com
Sign up here and start making your wish to Santa! www.thinglink.com
Find your favorite items on the Internet and tag direct links on the image. Be creative, unique and all you!
"I love these green gloves!" www.etsy.com
"I know I'm early. :) I want to sew this dress for next summer." kollabora.com
Pick an image you want and upload it to Thinglink. www.thinglink.com
Do you want to know more? Read our blog post! thinglinkblog.com
Oh hey there! This holiday we have a special thing for you: Make an interactive image with your wishes to Santa. Santa will be listening and with the help of our kind sponsors, he has promised to make the cutest and most creative wishes come true!