This is the closest place to where I live where I can swim with the dolphins. Santa, I will need my mum to come with me too please.
I can see the little blue penguin too. I love penguins. A Little Blue Penguin at the Oiled Wildlife Unit, Tauranga. A victim of the Rena oil disaster but now cleaned of oil and happy swimming around.
This will be the best experience of my life. I've been begging my mum since I was 5 years old. Multi-day Adventures takes Bangkok International School out on the boat for a day with Butler and crew, from Swim with Dolphins in Tauranga.
I might see an orca too! If I'm lucky! I wont swim with it though. Just the dolphins! This is a male Orca who was in a family group that included a young calf off the Bay of Plenty coast. Mount Maunganui is in the background.
This is where in the world I want to go. I live an hour away from here.

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