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Flexible Learning Paths

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Go to the ThingLink Toolkit thinglinktoolkit.wikispaces.com
Why I Love Wikispaces! An Interactive Graphic thinglinktoolkit.wikispaces.com
Google Docs for Learning, a collection of resources susanoxnevad.blogspot.co.uk
Oolone - A Visual Search Engine www.oolone.com
instaGrok - A Search Engine and Multimedia Learning Tool www.instagrok.com
Sweet Search - Search Credible Websites www.sweetsearch.com
A Playlist of Search Engines d97cooltools.blogspot.co.uk
Video Tutorial: Learn to Use Text Compactor youtu.be Tutorial designed to teach users how to use this tool to summarize and simplify text
Google Search by Reading Level Advanced Search flic.kr Advanced search
Tech Tip Tutorial youtu.be Learn to use this tool to turn digital text into a clickable dictionary.
Tech Tip Tutorial youtu.be A video tutorial to teach teachers and struggling readers how to translate wikipedia articles into Simple English
Tech Tip Tutorial youtu.be A video tutorial demonstrating how to use this tool to scrub webpages clean of districtions
Text to Speech - Talking Text for Mac or PC flic.kr Explore soxnevad1's photos on Flickr. soxnevad1 has uploaded 70 photos to Flickr.
Now Padlet - Digital Word Walls padlet.com An online multimedia bulletin board
Audioboo for recording sounds. audioboo.fm
SoundCloud for recording sounds. soundcloud.com
iLearn at Beye ilearnatbeye.blogspot.ie
ThingLink for Video youtu.be A tutorial designed to demonstrate how to add rich media tags to video.
Article: 6 Powerful Features to Support the Collaborative Writing Process, on GettingSmart.com gettingsmart.com Google Docs is a great tool for helping teachers thoughtfully incorporate digital writing into the curriculum.
Article: Google Docs Research Tool, on Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners d97cooltools.blogspot.ie
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Comments in Google Docs flic.kr Explore soxnevad1's photos on Flickr. soxnevad1 has uploaded 70 photos to Flickr.
Google Docs Integrated Writing & Reference Tools flic.kr Explore soxnevad1's photos on Flickr. soxnevad1 has uploaded 128 photos to Flickr.
This is part of a 3 part model created by Susan Oxnevad. If you are viewing in isolation, please visit my blog post for the complete and most updated resource. d97cooltools.blogspot.co.uk
Universal Design for Learning, a video by CAST annotated with ThingLink for Video by Susan Oxnevad video.thinglink.com
Google Classroom - coming Fall 2014 www.google.com
View resources on Google Docs for Learning | Cool Tools Blog d97cooltools.blogspot.ie
Google Docs Research Tool
Accessibility www.thinglink.com TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink